City Programme

  • Flyer design Gloucestershire
  • Website design Gloucestershire
  • Logo design Gloucestershire
Brochures & Flyers, Logo Design & Branding
About This Project

Leadership Management Consultancy – Herefordshire

City Programme is a collaboration of two organisations; the Leaderful Women Project and Engendering Balance Ltd. The partnership will run events aimed at strengthening the leadership of women in complex and challenging situations.

We were commissioned in the first instance to produce a Logo, which later was used on a double sided flyer, brochures and a website.

The raspberry circular shape in the logo is inspired by an eclipse. The word “City” cuts into the circle as light emerges during an eclipse.

On the website the header images are cityscapes of the locations where the events will run. The concept is clean, professional and representative of the ideas being presented during the programme. This was an innovative project which saw the logo gradually incorporated into a modern coherent brand.