Cyber Security Company – UK

About This Project

Infinite Precision are a cyber security company based in Gloucestershire.  They found us through a Google search.


We were commissioned to create a brochure and a mailer that stood out and was not too literal.  We subsequently used images from these to design and develop a new website.  We worked with a copywriter to create a concept that revolved around the game of chess.  In the world of cyber security it is vital to stay ahead of the game.  So, in a game of chess to beat an opponent, a player always needs to be several moves ahead, in cyber speak, his attacker.


This new identity was created utilising large images of chess pieces linking the published materials with the website.  One particularly powerful graphic featured the reflection of a man where you can only see his shoes, suggesting the hacker is there but is invisible.


The new website has much improved SEO and is fully responsive on mobile devices.

Brochures & Flyers