Kaye King – Marketing Mentor

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Kaye King – Marketing Mentor


Marketing Mentor Kaye came to us when she knew it was time for a rebrand for her marketing coaching business: her business name, logo, website and the colours she was using no longer reflected her business. She needed greater visibility to enable her business to stand out from the crowd, with a vibrant brand that would match her personality and attract her target market more effectively.


Our branding process enabled us to bring out the true Kaye, the authentic Kaye, in her branding: we created a new eye-catching, professional and coherent look, which included a vibrant new logo, fresh new brand colours to use consistently across all social (designing Canva templates) and promotional media, and an inviting new website.


Kaye is now positively encouraging people to visit her new website, which we think is the best testimony we could ask for!





“The focus of my business has changed over the last few years, and after a long period of illness I wanted to make a fresh start, with a new brand that better reflected my personality and values.


Vicki and I spent a long time talking about my business, my clients, how I help them, and the difference I make. Using the cards was an excellent way to get to my core values – it felt instinctive rather than me just writing down a list of words. I loved this part of the process – Vicki’s questions made me think hard about what really matters to me, and as busy business owners we don’t often get a chance to do that.


I have a marketing Agency background so I understand the process of developing a new brand, but I had never been through it for myself before. Vicki was supportive and full of brilliant ideas for making the brand work practically as well as visually. She obviously cares deeply about creating a brand her clients can use and grow with, not just something that looks nice for a year or two.


I am delighted with the new brand for Kaye King, Marketing Mentor and I’m proud to share it with anyone who’s interested! More importantly, it genuinely reflects who I am, and what I stand for, and connects with the people I want to work with. I don’t know how Vicki does what she does, but it works.”


Kaye King



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