World Eye Cancer Hope

About This Project

Eye Cancer Charity – International

World Eye Cancer Hope is a charity whose vision is to raise awareness of eye cancer, particularly in children. Retinoblastoma is malignant eye cancer of infancy and early childhood.


We came across Abby, CEO whilst networking in Oxfordshire. WEC Hope had existed as Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund since 2005. They rebranded in 2015 and needed a new logo.


The idea behind the white circle and red ring contained within the logo quite simply came from the most common early sign of retinoblastoma. Often the first indication is a white glow in the pupil of the affected eye which can be seen in flash photography.


The gold ribbon represents children’s cancer in general and along with the childlike text a very simple but highly effective design emerged.


The Watoto Eye Cancer Logo in Kenya follows the same theme and imagery but with the name changed for use in that country.

Logo Design & Branding