First impressions count

It only takes seconds for a business to be recognised or for the individual to want to know more….keeping them engaged and on the page really does count…

Blumango Creative was set up over 19 years ago by Vicki Gray, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and business owner. She works independently, yet with a team of specialists, who have a diverse range of technical and creative skills and a varied and extensive portfolio.

If ever a surname didn’t match its owner, it would be Vicki Gray! She has been running her colourful brand agency in the heart of Gloucestershire, successfully designing and developing websites, logos, creative brochures and flyers for a long line of Gloucestershire businesses as well as producing a whole spectrum of sales and marketing literature packed full of her business-generating design.

The strapline is clear, clean and to the point: THINK, DESIGN, DELIVER!

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