How we’ve evolved

Our clients don’t stand still, and neither do we. Blumango Creative was founded nearly 20 years ago by graphic designer and web designer, Vicki Gray. If ever a surname didn’t match its owner, it would be Vicki Gray’s!


Vicki’s colourful brand agency in the heart of Gloucestershire has successfully designed and developed websites, logos and a whole spectrum of creative marketing literature for a long line of companies using brand strategy processes.


The agency now encompasses a team of creative specialists, working together to produce authentic brands that perfectly reflect the business behind them.


Our philosophy is clear: When a brand truly reflects you, your ideal clients will engage with it from the very first moment. It’s the first adventurous step towards a loyal brand following – and we’re here to help you take that step.

The brand we created over 22 years ago

At Blumango Creative, the brand we began over 20 years ago is so different from today’s! We recently undertook a complete rebrand of the business. Why? Clients and their businesses change, and your business needs today are so different from how they were over 20 years ago. The offerings of our business have also evolved and developed. We had to reflect this. Our logo and brand offerings were outdated. So, we made the decision to rebrand everything, including the logo, the website, and all our digital and print collateral.


In creating a ‘new look’ Blumango Creative, we followed our new branding strategy process…and reassessed our brand values. Some had changed, and surprised us!


What we now believe.

We adore the sea, which is continually moving, evolving in the same way that we work hard to develop your brand and image. We work in collaboration and connect with our clients in a meaningful and intuitive level. Each stage of our brand strategy process is reflective and insightful. We listen to our clients and ensure every creative nuance is noted, working in an organic, focused and relational way. The revelation is quite profound. Our strapline is Be Yourself. It’s the time to be yourself and examine your true strength in business.


In our new logo design, the use of blues, teals, and yellows gives an impression of being by the sea, in the waves, on the sand – a memorable vision – we adore the sea. The blues are soothing, providing tranquillity while inspiring sincerity, confidence, and creativity, hence the ‘Blu’ in our name. The yellow gets your attention, adding cheerfulness, and thus the ‘Mango’ in our name. Mango is an anti-oxidant – an image of clearing up the seas, detoxifying your vision, and ensuring new designs are clean and fresh.


We wanted to ensure we were fresh, modern and current, while still emphasising the skills and knowledge that our 21 years of experience bring. The fundamental elements of design were just as important in our own rebrand as they are when we work on yours.

Come and have a chat over a coffee and discover how a fresh brand can work for you