Logo Design & Branding Gloucestershire

Branding is more than a logo design, it really travels much deeper. It’s a reflection of your whole business: your values, your strengths, your key offering – all packaged up to produce your unique visual identity. That’s why it extends far beyond a logo, and includes typography, colours and brand elements that combine to paint an accurate picture of your business.


It needs to reflect who you are, while also resonating with your clients. When it works, it can generate not only sales, but consistent brand loyalty. That’s quite powerful! We start by listening, so we can get a full understanding of your business.

A fresh approach to branding

To create a brand that encapsulates the true spirit of your business, we need to gain a deep understanding of who you are. But when your business is changing, it’s easy to lose sight of this vision, and you might be struggling to express your key strengths or qualities.  That’s why we do things a bit differently. When we start working together we’ll introduce our branding app so we can work virtually with you. They’re a great way to open a conversation about your brand, and focus your thoughts on how you want to be known in the market. It’s a really exciting way to work because it reveals insights into your brand that you might not have considered. It allows us to create one clear identity that shines across all your marketing.


We recommend using this process whether you simply want to redesign your logo, or are rethinking your entire brand. 

How we work

  • Brand Mapping

    • We listen to you and discover more about your customers

    • We discuss the aspects of your brand that are most important to you and your clients

    • We work with you using our online app over Zoom to reveal more about your business

  • Brand Matrix

    • A review of the brand mapping is created ready for the next phase

    • A brand matrix includes a sliding scale of the character of your ideal client

    • We have a conversation with you about these insights over a Zoom call

  • Branding Board

    • Metaphorical images are researched and added

    • Using psychology, fonts and colours are added to reflect the brand

    • We bring together all the discovery work and insights into a digital brand strategy document

  • Logo Design

    • We brainstorm inspirational new concepts with a strong brand design

    • We present 3 different logo designs with font and colour suggestions

    • When you’re happy with your choices, we provide all the files and guidelines you need

    • We map out a creative plan that reflects this new phase of your business journey

When we work with our clients, brand strategy creates consistency throughout all marketing material.

The processes helps you to stand out from your competitors and to be yourself in a world where we are all trying to be noticed.

Ready for a change? We’re here to help you connect with the people who matter

A Coherent Brand Package in One

  • Design for Print/Graphic Design

    • School prospectuses
    • Brochures & Leaflets
    • Pop up banners
    • Business cards and letterheads
    • Copywriting and photography through collaboration

  • Website Design & Development

    • Strategic planning
    • Designs which stand out from the crowd
    • Responsive designs for mobile devices
    • Copywriting & Photography through collaboration

Ready for a change? We’re here to help you connect with the people who matter